We Are Experts in Helping Businesses Spend Their Time Right.

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Analyse. Optimise. Maximise.

Our solutions help your company analyse how your resources spend their time. With this information, QBIS gives insight into how effective your business is and provides vital data for optimising processes and resources. 

By using QBIS your business can ensure that it is maximising its employees and consultants’ time. We sum this up simply by saying QBIS will help you Analyse, Optimise and Maximise your business.

Start Tracking and Get More Efficient

QBIS is a cloud-based software service with the vision to help companies spend their time right. QBIS provides innovative solutions for Time Capture, Project Management and Employee Expense reporting.

At QBIS we see that a company’s most valuable resource is the people that work in the business, therefore using resources time effectively will be the best way to a healthy business.

Our services

Time Tracking

Time capture is essential in any business to make sure you are spending your time and resources right.

Project Management

Track time, resources, and costs in real-time and make sure your projects are going according to plan.

Expense Management

Manage expenses for payroll or for invoicing in projects so that all registrations are correctly placed.