Team QBIS consists of people who want to take the future into the present with creative solutions for your efficiency.

Every day we work to solve the issue of time-consuming activities in your day-to-day work. Because we know the value of time. Time is what we want the most, but how we use worst. Therefore we’re taking action to make sure that minimal time is wasted so that you can spend your time right.

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Three steps to being more cost and time-efficient

Our mission is to help businesses grow. By providing premium solutions for time capture, project management and expense registration we help you optimize your time to maximize your assets. Our goal is for you to successfully grow your organization with QBIS.

Time Management
Andrew Johnston

Spend Your Time Right

Time is probably one of the most valuable resources of any business, and something we cannot get back. Making sure you spend your time right is a pillar stone in any successful business.

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