Effective and effortless time tracking

Stop wasting valuable time. Spend your time right and grow your business. Time capture is essential in any business to make sure you are spending your time and resources right. Grow and improve your business with QBIS.

Capture time

Collect your data, analyse how time is being spent and optimize processes. Minimize unnecessary time wasted and maximize efficiency, growth, and profit.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to report time on any device. Report time according to a pre-filled schedule or register from start to stop with the digital time clock.

Approve and manage time

Approving timesheets is just as easy whether you’re using the computer, phone or tablet. Start the approval process by going through employees’ timesheets one by one or approve several sheets in a single click. Approved timesheets are automatically sent to the administrators for further processing.

The approved timesheets will be available for exporting and importing to an integrated payroll system. The data will include all deviations with salary codes for each employee so that the process will be all digital. Saving time with no manual handling of numbers or individual registrations.

Use time data for analyzing

Follow up on all registrations to find out when and where most time is being spent. Analyse with reports to discover what deviations are most common and create ways to spend time more efficiently. Optimize your business using clear, current, and reliable data and maximize your business results.

Proper time capture help businesses grow in many ways

Minimize costly payroll errors

Avoid costly human errors. Capture time easily and safely with digital time capture and use have managers approve their employees’ timesheets before it reaches payroll

Save time in every aspect

Administrative work takes time, but it must be done. Create a process that minimizes time waste and makes sure that time that can be spent on more important things


More control & insight into deviations

All collected deviations data is saved into one handy report. Find out the most common deviation and the reason behind it to make qualified decisions on how to improve

Clarity in what is being done

With reports, you get full insight into every registered minute. Get the overall understanding of the business as a whole or go into details in each department or individual. Compare key factors in where time is being wasted and optimize those processes

What you get with QBIS


For those working with payroll and economy

  • All data prepared for payroll
  • Deviations automatically calculated for payroll purposes
  • Scheduling integrated with salary codes
  • Automated integration to the payroll system
  • Reports showing all time and deviation data before exportation to the payroll system


For those who will review and approve

  • Smart approval of all timesheets
  • Easy scheduling of every employee
  • Insight into key factors for how to optimize your business
  • Full control over how time is being spent
  • Automated reminders for late closure of timesheets
  • Reports showing deviations in payroll on all levels of the organization
  • Digital tool for planning and approving time-off
  • Choose to approve time on a weekly or monthly basis


For those who will register time

  • Mobile time reporting with our web app
  • Time reporting for attendance and deviations
  • Digital time clock in the mobile
  • Insight into time balances
  • Digital time-off requests

Get started with QBIS

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  • Mobile & desktop time tracking
  • Time reporting for attendance and deviations
  • Easy scheduling of every employee
  • Automated integration to the payroll system
  • Smart approval of timesheets
  • Scheduling integrated with salary codes
  • ... And much more!