How this consultant company ensures no time is wasting with QBIS time management

Valuable hours lost and forgotten is a common challenge for most consulting companies. ‘Are we giving away free time’ is a question most have asked themselves, including European Business Solutions who decided it was time to take back control from uncertainty. With a digital time capture system, they have been able to not only track their consultants time, but also make sure that they provide the best-value services for their clients.

European Business Solutions, EBS for short, have had first-hand experience with the difficulties of making sure time was spent right. Offering services in finance and management to foreign-owned companies establishing and operations in the United Kingdom, they have felt what it really means to be unaware of how much work is done with clients.

– ”We always operate on a fixed-fee model to give our clients stability and confidence. However, we did not know with certainty how much time our employees were spending on each client”, says Joe Williams, Company Secretary at EBS.

Joe Williams, Company Secretary at EBS

Internal and external benefits

The question of what was being done and with whom became more important as they realised that insights were lacking. Both time and resources could be draining and there was no easy way to see the potential damage. It became apparent that something needed to be done.

– “Overall, our inability to accurately review fees, demonstrate value-for-money to our clients and target inefficient processes resulted in a lack of cost control, and a probable loss of revenue as we carried out more work than we were being paid for”.

With QBIS digital time tracking, the transparency between consultant and client has proved beneficial in more than one way. Apart from knowing how time is spent, the insights have also helped EBS to correctly price their services and are now able to secure best quality care for clients.

– “The time tracking allows us to record time against a client and activity. It ensures that the fees we are charging clients accurately reflects the time spent. We are now able to reduce fees for some clients, justify increased fees for others, and accurately identify how we are spending our time”.

Maximising business

Today EBS knows how their consultants are spending their time and making sure they spend it right. Time tracking has quickly become an essential part for keeping business optimised and maximised.

– “With QBIS we can now give more accurate fee quotes and reviews, identify problems and inefficiencies, and manage our employees more effectively. Co-workers were sometimes surprised when finding out where their time was going; now adding it up over a month shows just how much time was going into their projects. It is great to ensure that the fees we are charging clients accurately reflect the time spent”, says Joe.

EBS facilitates foreign-owned companies establishing and operating in the UK. We provide a complete service from company establishment to back-office admin and finance services.
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