7 tips -
optimise your processes with time reporting

Is your business using digital and automated tools that help you accurately capture employee time, optimise project management, and deliver payroll invoicing and accounting?

If not, the integrated QBIS solution can really help your business thrive!  We have listed below a few thoughts to demonstrate how we can help you to increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive profits.

1. Estimate Time with Precision

Ensure that you provide digital tools to capture employee working hours, including overtime.  Use these tools to better budget and forecast future related costs whilst minimising administration and delivering a modern, easy to use process for your team.

2. Use Digital Software

Use digital resource planning to reduce stress at work by better capturing and analysing employee work hours. Accurate time reporting and detailed project management evaluation, provided in one tool, will really help you to make more informed resource planning decisions.

3. Make It Easy 

Make it easy for your employees to complete time reports to support accurate salary payments. Enhanced reports, with minimal training requirements, will encourage complete transparency, accountability and better decision making.

4. Be Proactive with Your Projects

Take the lead to ensure that internal/external projects are closely managed, especially in relation to the time and costs of each activity. Review exactly how much time needs to be set aside and be proactive to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

5. Identify Risks and Review Performance

Identify project risks, up-front. In addition, continuously generate reports to track progress and identify risks, as they arise. This will create the tools for the project team to stay on track. When projects conclude, use the tools to generate detailed documentation to enhance the quality of work going forward.

6. Let Your Invoicing Reflect Reality

If you sell your services on an hourly basis, ensure that less time-consuming activities are recorded.  This is key to ensure that all work tasks are invoiced accurately, and reports generated to maintain sustainable, long-term relationships with your customers.

7. Focus on Value, Not Time

That’s right! Of course, time is important, but if you can generate detailed reports with valuable and detailed information, use it!  You can compare the time spent on similar projects and review at a group or individual level what has proven to be most effective. You can thereby optimise your resources and charge a fixed fee instead of an hourly rate, as appropriate. By focusing on the value provided, this will help you to maximise your customer satisfaction.


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