Time is Our Most Important Asset

It felt like the perfect match when two innovation companies crossed paths more than ten years ago. Condesign is one of QBIS first customers, and we've been growing together side-by-side from the analogue into the digital era since 2006.

The forward spirit is what drives Condesign. Not only when it comes to business but also the corporate culture. This is shown with receiving the award “Career Company of the Year” five years in a row. According to Fredrik Bromander, CEO of Condesign, this is because they’ve been focusing on hiring talent, prioritizing work satisfaction and equality with all employees.

Fredrik Bromander, CEO of Condesign

In business, forward-thinking is the core of each development. Being a consulting company working with product development, every idea and every sketch must be in line with new technology, electronics and solutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that Condesign got on board early on with implementing a digital time capture and project management system.

– We are in the innovation industry and thus a player in digitalisation. That’s how we came in contact with QBIS many years ago. We evaluated project tools on behalf of a customer and stumbled upon a tool that we realised would be perfect for us as well, says Fredrik.

An unexpected stroke of luck

Before using QBIS, there was another digital solution in place. Working hours, consulting hours and expenses were registered in a homemade system correlating with Microsoft Excel. As time went on, it became increasingly difficult for the company to grow because the homemade solution did not support the needs they had for managing projects and keeping track of consultation hours.

– We have looked at many systems over the years. We are in consulting, so we have many customers looking for systems that support their management needs. But I feel that QBIS is unique in combining start and stop time, project management with expenses in one system. I can see when a consultant arrives and leaves each day and follow the project simultaneously. I can also track costs and expenses within projects or in the company – all in one system, says Fredrik.

Time is of the essence

Insight into projects, consulting hours and costs has greatly improved administrative work processes and planning projects. Activities are registered and tracked in a way that comforts the employees and consultants that their work is being seen and done correctly. No missed billing hours.

– Time is our most important asset. As a consulting company, we sell time, so we need to keep track of every hour. Having a system that is accessible through mobile, the web or wherever and whenever – is the greatest thing. Each consultant can register all their time and keep track of their own hours, expenses and see exactly the worth of their reported mileage, receipts, and activity time. With the cloud-based system, all information is also safely stored, which makes me calm and feel secure.

Saving a lot of time

Fredrik goes on to say that their previous time capture solution also registered time and expenses, but because they manually entered the information and converted it to invoicing it was not effective even though it was all digital. Switching to QBIS they found a solution that supports integration to their economic system, automating both invoicing and payroll.

– When we saw a demo of QBIS, we felt that there is no point in continuing with the solution we had. We scrapped it completely, and opted for QBIS instead – a choice we never regretted. The system has also evolved a lot since we started using it and, we have developed a lot together so that we now have a solution that suits us perfectly. More consulting companies should use QBIS because it allows you to keep a close eye on projects at all times. It is a benefit for us as well as for our customers, Fredrik concludes.

Condesign is the industrial and communications consultant that offers leading industrial companies qualified consulting services and solutions for the entire product life cycle - from design and production, marketing and sales, installation and uses to service and repair - in order to strengthen customers' competitiveness.
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