”Together, we have been able to create a more attractive service to our customers”

Johan Loberg

Johan Loberg


Starting back in 2018, QBIS and world-wide accounting bureau BDO has worked closely together, forming a foundation focusing on smart solutions that make for happy clients. 

To find out more about the benefits of our partnership for BDO Sweden, we spoke to Marie Jernkrok, Head of Payroll.

Hi Marie, can you tell us a little about BDO’s services?

“BDO is really an accounting and auditing bureau but can act as a comprehensive business partner. We deliver services in four business areas: accounting, business services, tax, and consulting. Our vision is to deliver outstanding service, and thanks to our fantastic employees, we do it with passion. Working closely with our clients is important to us, and that we are adding value, being available as a business partner, from small issues in everyday life to the bigger decisions.”

Marie Jernkrok

Marie Jernkrok

Head of Payroll
BDO Sweden

How did you decide to enter a partnership with QBIS?

 “It was a joint initiative- We found each other in our drive, will and ambition to do more and figured we can do it together. We identified common goals that we are working towards and saw that we can achieve them if we learn from each other through strategic cooperation.”

What would you say the partnership with QBIS has meant for BDO?

“We are now able to create more attractive services to our clients. And now we can make sure we spend more quality time with each client. Together with QBIS, we add that extra value for our customers. We also get a more attractive way of working for our employees, since they can work more digitally. Now we can move away from working a lot with administration and focus more on the quality assurance and development.”

How would you say that our cooperation has proved positive for your clients?

“We have simplified the process for our clients since they can more safely and correctly gather all necessary information in one place. We can also provide help to our customers in developing more digital ways of working, which makes the administration process easier because we scale down the manual aspect from collecting data. We minimize the risks of losing important documents by having a digital platform instead of using physical paper. With a digital system, you have all of it available wherever you are”.

“Our clients have given us a very positive feedback with the BDO and QBIS collaboration. We are perceived to being a modern full-service offer as clients since we reduce time spent on administration when we remove certain processes from the working routines. We have some of our new clients who are still spending a lot of time in administration, who have not been caught up with the digital yet. Those clients are very positive about the opportunity that we offer together with QBIS. Now they can get a complete package with our combined services, without having to buy their systems or creating their own.”

You are the one at BDO who has the most continuous contact with QBIS, how would you say that the relationship with the contact person has been? 

 “The contact with QBIS has been very good, thanks a lot to our contact. Her genuine commitment and desire to succeed provides the right conditions for our collaboration. We put a lot of trust in her and QBIS, thanks to our relationship”.

This is BDO Sweden

Our mission is to help customers grow and achieve success every day. Our drive and our values ​​- what we stand for, have proven successful based on how our customers experience us. If you look at the services we offer, BDO is much like any other of the larger accountancies and auditing firms. What distinguishes us can be a little difficult to touch – but is easier experienced. Our customers use words like committed, interested and innovative to describe us. We are also told that we are proactive, pleasant, and often exceed expectations.

Are you interested in our partner programme?

As partners, we want it to go well. Really well. To deliver the best-paid services and work optimally, the accountancy needs to engage in its growth. Commitment is also the only thing that QBIS Partner Program requires. With a tactical strategy that allows momentum, the accountancy and QBIS can grow together. Commitment, discipline and conscious decisions increase growth.

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Ellinor collin

Ellinor collin

Partner Channel Manager