5 benefits for consulting companies to use a project tool

Johan Loberg

Johan Loberg


Planning a project can be time-consuming, but it is crucial to be able to deliver successful results. By choosing a project tool that contains smart functions to streamline the workflow, you will be able to save time in administration and focus on work that increases your business profitability. 


There are several benefits to system integrations. To help you on the way, we have listed five benefits why your consulting company should integrate your invoicing into a project management tool.


Planning is key to successful projects

If you want the best possible results, you need to plan your time and resources in order to succeed. A project has several risks that you must identify and reflect upon before your project starts. With QBIS Project, you can manage the budgeting of resources, costs, and revenues. Plan your project activities in phases, with milestones and dependencies, and visualise the entire workflow in a GANTT schedule.


Increase your revenue for each project

The pricing model for your projects often vary. It is rare that you will have only fixed price projects or only projects with running billable hours. QBIS enables you to have both fixed pricing and running hours billing in the same project. You can budget costs and state the running or fixed pricing for the entire project. Based on project- members, activities, or activity members. This gives you an overview of all billable hours and allows you to see what needs to be done to increase the projected revenue.


Manage risks before they occur

Avoid obstacles that could potentially put the entire project at risk. With real-time reports, you can get continuous updates on how the actual outcome relates to budgeted time and costs in the project plan. This enables you to correct any obstacles before they occur.


Reduce time spent on administration with a system integration

With QBIS, your employees time reports and material costs are registered directly in the project and are automatically updated for invoicing. By integrating time and material resources into your invoicing, all data that you report in QBIS can with a few steps, be transferred for invoicing. This gives you a complete billing solution that automates the entire process.


Take the step towards increased profitability

By collecting all data and information from your projects in one system, you can easily go back and analyse success of previous projects. In this way, you will get stronger perception of what needs to be done to optimise the planning and implementation of future projects. So, your company can continue to grow and increase its profitability.

Support the entire process with one solution

Time spent on administration is completely unnecessarily. With digital and automated tools that helps you with time capture, project management, payroll and invoicing as well as accounting, will save your business a lot of time. The integration between QBIS and your invoicing system, gives you a project asset that reduces the risks of not achieving results and exceeding budget. It automates your company’s finances, with reduced risks of errors in payroll, invoicing and accounting.

Learn how you can improve your business with QBIS Project

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