5 tips for better time tracking

Time tracking is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs. By creating a routine for the time reporting process, you can optimize your business. We have collected five tips on how to improve your time reporting.


Communicate the purpose of time reporting to employees

Without direct insight into why you should report time, it can be difficult for an employee to see the benefits of time reporting. Be clear and explain the purpose of the reporting. Explain how the data will be used, that it can be the basis for development and not for control. Let employees ask questions and share their concerns to create security in the process.


Create routines for time reporting

Having good routines for your time reporting is important. By creating the feeling that the process is simple and fast, the motivation to report their time increases. Make sure you have time set aside daily to report time, partly to facilitate the process but also to minimize incorrect reporting.


Report at all times

By reporting all-time within the company, both internally and externally, you can get important indications of how time is spent within the company. This is an important step for further analysis of how to optimize work routines. There are also opportunities to further invoice the time reported externally.


Report activity time with internal and external comments

If you are working on a project, it may be a good idea to ask employees to write a comment about the activity performed. With internal comments, which are only visible within the business, you can get a clear indication of how the time has been used. With external comments, you can both motivate and show the working hours you have spent on the customer.


Present the results within the company

Be sure to share the results with the employees. It provides both an insight into how the reported information is used, demonstrates the development and with positive results, it is an easy way to increase the motivation for continued work.

Learn how you can improve your business with time tracking

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